We belong to gurijala [vill],Nalgonda [Dt]. Reddy community.Basically agriculture background. Present generations are setteled in various places-Nalgonda-Hyd etc. We hope they would visit this and contact each other. Feed your information and make some suggestions .We are planning for a get together within a short period. If you are willing you can join us.We are planning to prepare our VAMSA VRIKSHAM if you co-operte with us with the information you have with you.Please respond.You can highlight important information or announcements in text like this.

Present generations are not aware of their ancestors. Joint family concept has disappeared.They do not have any information about their relatives.As a result they  are growing without certain values. keeping this in view it is decided to organise get together of all maram families . before that it is decided to prepare a database of maram dynasty so that we can know each other and strengthen our bondage. 

Our users

All members belonging to maram families and their relatives,welwishers and friends.